Buma rocks presents for i am king ulsect and tusky at eurosonic08 December 2017
You might get used to it, and right so: Buma ROCKS! will throw a showcase party during Eurosonic 2018! For the third year in a row club LOLA will open its doors to everyone wearing an ESNS wristband, featuring performances by none less than For I Am King, Ulsect and Tusky, all presented by Buma ROCKS! Come and enjoy this mixed bag of loud & heavy goodness on Friday 19 January between 5 and 8 PM at LOLA, Pelsterdwarsstraat 11.

For I Am King
Metal band For I Am King, based in Amsterdam, originated in 2013 from the remains of All Heads Rise. The first thing they did was release a video for their song The Beast Within. Next they recorded their EP Revengeance, which they self-released in May of 2014. Since then they have been playing shows in both the Netherlands and abroad, while recording and releasing singles and a full-length album entitled Daemons (Redfield Records, 2016). This year the band played in Japan and China, and they have a strong link with Germany after two tours with popular German metal band Any Given Day. For I Am King have also performed at Wacken Open Air and are currently preparing their second album.

Their smashing, Buma ROCKS!-presented performance at FortaRock In The City 2017 earned them an invitation from the well-respected Norwegian Inferno Festival. Besides that, Tilburg's dark extremists Ulsect have been praised worldwide for their self-titled debut album (Season Of Mist, 2017). With a former Textures member on bass and two guys doubling in Dodecahedron it hardly comes as a surprise that the band features high technical precision and prowess woven into dense dissonance and lucent atmospheres.

Tusky is a new punk rock band from the beautiful Dutch town of Alblasserdam. Four buddies from one big punkrock family, with ex-John Coffey's Alfred van Luttikhuizen and his former guitar tech Sjors van Reeuwijk on guitars! With a long string of gigs during the fall the band showed their appreciation for the uncomplicated punkrock of the 90's, as played by the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Foo Fighters and The Offspring. Before you see them at Noorderslag on Saturday, come enjoy Tusky in the cosy intimacy of LOLA!