Ulsect complete the line-up of Dutch bands at FortaRock In The City

Ulsect complete the line up of dutch bands at fortarock in the city03 April 2017
Buma ROCKS! happily announces Ulsect as the third band that has been selected from 145 acts that applied for the showcase gigs at Fortarock In The City. DOOL and Pelgrim already paved the way in the past few weeks and this varied threesome completes the Buma ROCKS! programme, joining The Charm The Fury and the rest of the FortaRock In The City line-up on May 27th.

Ulsect have emerged from the homely Dutch city of Tilburg and the circle of musicians that has spawned such acts as blackened extremists Dodecahedron and rhythmic progressives Textures. The death metal innovators feature guitarist Joris Bonis and drummer Jasper Barendregt from Dodecahedron as well as former Textures bassist Dennis Aarts. It therefore hardly comes as a surprise that elements of their origins have permeated into Ulsect's self-titled debut album, to be released in May 2017. You will find high technical precision and prowess woven into dense dissonance and lucent atmosphere.

The album's tracks embody relentless post-death metal aesthetics fraught with shifting patterns and dark tonality. The primeval forces unleashed by pioneers such as Gorguts and Deathspell Omega are violently harnessed to serve a sinister musical purpose. Ulsect is serving nightmares transformed into sonic matter.

Buma ROCKS! @ FortaRock In The City
Saturday 27 May, 14.00 - 00.30, Doornroosje, Nijmegen.
With a.o. match making sessions, The Wheel Of Steel Rock Quiz and performances of Pelgrim, Ulsect, DOOL, The Charm The Fury, Decapitated, Periphery, Batushka, The Contortionist, Destrage. Afterparty with Goe Vur In Den Otto. Tickets FortaRock In The City through www.doornroosje.nl.

Ulsect on Bandcamp

Check out Fall To Depravity off of Ulsects debut album here: