Buma rocks goes roadburn

Buma ROCKS! goes Roadburn!

07 April 2017
Buma ROCKS! will participate in the mighty Roadburn Festival in Tilburg for the first time in 2017. The Buma ROCKS! Heavy Panel entitled Overcoming Barriers is set in the afternoon of Friday April 21st.
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Ulsect complete the line up of dutch bands at fortarock in the city

Ulsect complete the line-up of Dutch bands at FortaRock In The City

03 April 2017
With blackened happiness Buma ROCKS! announces Ulsect as the third band that has been selected from 145 acts that applied for the showcase gigs at Fortarock In The City on May 27th. So there!
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Buma rocks announces matchmakers inferno festival incendia music and more

Buma ROCKS! announces matchmakers: Inferno Festival, Incendia Music and more

02 April 2017
Buma ROCKS! invites a number of international heavy music business professionals to FortaRock In The City to check out the Dutch bands playing and meet them in matchmaking sessions to share some of their wisdom and exchange ideas.
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