5 questions: The Charm The Fury

5 questions the charm the fury02 January 2017
They played Buma ROCKS! in 2013 and LOUD & PROUD at ESNS in 2016. Now The Charm The Fury have recorded one of 2017's highly anticipated albums, The Sick, Dumb & Happy, to be released on Nuclear Blast/Arising Empire in March. The band inked the deal with the renowned label after travelling to the Global Rock Summit in Los Angeles with Buma ROCKS! in 2016. Vocalist Caroline Westendorp reflects on recent developments.

With what kind of expectations did you fly to LA last year?
“One thing we've learned during our career as a band, is to not have any expectations at all. But getting to play at such an important showcase festival and having the chance to connect with people that could be of help was an amazing opportunity that we definitely didn't want to miss. And it was all for the best: we got a &*^%& record deal out of it!”

So you performed at the Whisky A Go Go and then what happened?
“Ha, it was early in the afternoon, we played the show - it was actually quite empty, and I saw some people walk away and thought: this is not good. Well ok, not everybody has to like what you do. Gerardo of Nuclear Blast stayed, he liked what he saw and.. the rest is history I guess.”

Was your showcase there particularly good?
“What is good? We always do our best to put on the best show an audience could ask for. So yes, we knew there were some 'important' people watching us and we definitely gave it our 110%. It was rather a difficult show in my opinion. It wasn't really promoted so the lack of interaction with the audience was quite a tough thing but that didn't stop us from doing what we love: playing our tracks.”

Did the deal with Nuclear Blast have any influence at all on your new album?
“Nope, we finished record the album a while ago.“

What can you tell us about the new recordings?
“It's very different from what we've done before: with this new record we head back to where our passion for metal begun - our metal roots. That being given, the album is more riff-based and influenced by bands such as Pantera, Slipknot and Metallica. It's angry, it's heavy and it honestly redefines what we're all about.”

You can watch the video with new single Down On The Ropes here.