2016 Showcases 2016

After a day full of talks and networking at Doornroosje, almost 200 loud music professionals found their way to good food & drinks and great music at FortaRock. Buma ROCKS! offered the biggest showcase stage in its four-year history.

Flanking the open air stage at FortaRock on Saturday, the huge Buma ROCKS! banners were bathing in the sunlight when Danish band EVRA came on as the first of four showcase acts. For their first Dutch gig the band had driven up from Copenhagen, where they were selected by Buma ROCKS! in January. They were clearly determined to give the crowd everything they had in their half hour performance. And more, for EVRA's artwork came alive on stage, happily adding to the summer feeling that had taken over the audience.

Haarlem groove machine Hibakusha delivered the goods as promised with their biggest gig so far. The songs from their debut EP Incarnation got the crowd moving and the five-piece worked themselves in a sweat, helped by the blistering sun. But not before everyone sang Happy Birthday to Aardschok's very own Metal Mike!

Hailing from the province of Gelderland themselves, no band must have felt as much at home on the old Nijmegen battling grounds as Heidevolk. Supported by guest musicians on classical instruments they lived up to their great reputation in the folk/pagan metal scene with a powerful, no-nonsense set of folklore-driven metal.

Last but certainly not least it was Legion Of The Damned who got the audience dancing with their rendition of thrash/deathsongs from debut album Malevolent Rapture from 2006.

In the same time backstage, the Buma ROCKS! Export Award was handed to Within Temptation, after which the band prepared themselves for a strong and tightly executed headlining set of symphonic metal. One hell of a heavy Dutch ending to a great festival day.

Check out the aftermovie here.

All pics by Bart Heemskerk